Applying to EHU

EHU offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in the humanities and social sciences.

The duration of study at all high residence undergraduate programs is 4 years, low residence undergraduate programs – 5 years. The students of “International Law and European Union Law” program study 5 and 6 years respectively.

All undergraduate students complete a core curriculum and specialize in a chosen field.

Though most students at EHU are citizens of Belarus, EHU welcomes students of all nationalities. Although most courses at EHU are taught in Belarusian or Russian, courses in other languages, including English, French and German, are also available.

To apply to EHU study programs, click here to be taken to the admissions page (in Russian).

European Humanities University offers students various financial support opportunities. There are 59 study grants and scholarships, most of which are designed to support citizens and permanent residents of the Republic of Belarus. More detailed information regarding the financial support can be found at the following links: EHU Scholarships, Scholarships Administered by EHU, Other Scholarships, Additional Points.

If you have any questions regarding admission to EHU, please contact us:
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